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Glow in the Dark Pacifiers

Reviewed by Jenny Seymour

The plastic box the two pacifiers come in is quite handy, neat and clear. The instructions were clear and easy to read and follow.

What a great idea! We’ve all been there… the middle of the night, baby cries because her dummy has fallen out and she can’t find it. You jump out of bed desperate to find it before the baby is in hysterics and wakes up the whole household, so you scramble in the dark feeling around the cot for the said dummy. With these pacifiers, the handles are glow in the dark (handy to spot in the dark at night, rather than putting the light on or scrabbling around in the dark to find), so you can spot them more quickly and easily. They’re not particularly bright, but it still made it easier to find in the dark. Please note, the dummies aren’t automatically glow in the dark. You need to follow the directions to charge them. The dummies need to be near a light or daylight to recharge though, so you can’t keep them hidden in the depths of your changing bag.

These are not just a pair of pacifiers – the box also doubles as a sterilising unit. You simply have to add water up to the top of the middle section where the teats sit in the box, put them in the microwave for 3 minutes and then leave them to cool down. The pacifiers stay sterilised until you need them, as you don’t need to open the box until you’re ready for them. Gone are the days of “sucking” your child’s dummy to get it clean, as you can carry this handy sterilising box around with you and you simply need some tap water and a microwave or boiling water.

The pacifiers are a nice size. They seem proportionate to the size of the baby’s face. There’s nothing worse than a small baby with a huge dummy in its mouth. This is not the case with these MAM pacifiers.

The teat itself seems to be of a nice quality and whilst we’ve not had them that long yet, they seem to be durable and not easy to bite/tear.

The only slight negative for me was the lack of handle. It meant it was quite difficult as the adult to grab hold of the dummy and keep it in the child’s mouth. However, this design (without a handle) is the same as that commonly used for all current pacifiers.

I’d always say don’t buy in bulk until you know your baby is going to like/choose to take a pacifier.

I would definitely recommend these pacifiers if you want your baby to have a dummy – just for the ability to sterilise, small size and glow in the dark idea.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £4.90 (2 pack)

Available to buy in blue, green and pink from MAM here.


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