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Reviewed by Jennifer Edwards

I love cooking, however coming up with new and interesting things to do can be really difficult, especially with two small children around. Also, you then have to source any special ingredients and may only use a tiny bit of it, and you’re left with the remainder getting dusty in the cupboard until you make the dish again or you find another use for it. I was therefore understandably excited to be offered the chance to review food from

Marley Spoon is a London based company that delivers fresh ingredients and delicious recipes to your door, weekly. You simply log onto their website and choose the recipe you want to order, the ingredients are then delivered to your door with a recipe card.

I arranged for my box to be delivered on Wednesday, and it arrived at about midday. The items came in a large box, securely taped closed, with the Marley Spoon logo on it. Inside there were 3 bags and two recipe cards. The first bag was made of brown paper and contained the ingredients for one meal, the second bag was identical, but containing the items for the second meal. The third bag was made of plastic and filled with sheep wool, inside this was a tub of buttermilk, some vacuum packed lamb, and an ice pack. All in all I was very pleased with the packaging. It is all made from sustainable materials and if you do a recurring order with them, they will pick up and recycle or reuse all of the packaging.

The food well packaged and I immediately unwrapped everything to take a look. The first day, we had Lamb Kebabs with quinoa and buttermilk dressing.The ingredients were wonderfully fresh, and labelled well. The recipe card was well written and easy to follow but still comprehensive. I followed the recipe exactly, and was not disappointed. The meal was delicious, and there was definitely more than I was expecting. My partner and I each got a generous portion.


The next evening, we cooked the second recipe: Soba Pad Thai with romanesco and peanut sauce. This recipe had a lot more ingredients, but once again, everything was well labelled, so it was easy to see what each one was. It also took longer to prepare than the first, but the recipe card was clear and concise, and I had no trouble following the instructions. The food was lovely, and as before, we each had a substantial portion.


There are seven new recipes to choose from each week, available on their website. You simply log on and choose how many people you are cooking for, and how many meals you want ingredients for. You fill in your taste profile, and they will select the meals they think you’ll like (but you can swap any if you’d prefer a different recipe instead). Then simply choose to have your food delivered on either Wednesday or Friday, enter your details, and then await your box!

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my delivery from Marley Spoon. The food was brilliant quality, and both meals were delicious to eat, and exciting to prepare.  I can see this service being extremely useful to someone with a hectic job, who enjoys cooking, but doesn’t have the time to source unusual ingredients. Prices vary, depending on how much you buy, but the average price is £5.50 per person, per meal, which is really very reasonable when you consider the amount of food you are getting, and the overall quality of the ingredients. I would definitely consider ordering from Marley Spoon again, and will be recommending it to others.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Prices start from £5.50 per meal (minimum order applies).

For more information or to order your own meals with flexible delivery times visit or call 020 3695 4225.


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