Mercadzil and the November Bird Review


Mercadzil and the November Bird

by Anne S. Boryer

Reviewed by Rosie Harper (Age 9)

I really enjoyed this book read it didn't want to put it down once I started reading.

Mercadzil and the November Bird is about a fat, dirty witch and her cat Jones. Jones is a fat, lazy, sleepy cat and both Mercadzil and her cat are like that because no-one wanted a spell so they had not danced around the spell-pot for a long time.

One day Mercadzil and Jones are bored so they go to visit their old friend Wizard Keekalee but when they get to see Keekalee he tells them he is marrying Witch Spikeley. Spikeley is the baddest, unkindest and ugliest witch that ever lived and wants to be the most powerful witch but she can only get the power by controlling a wizard.

Mercadzil and Jones decide to save Keekalee from Spikeley but Spikeley has the most scariest weapon of all, the November Bird.

Do Mercadzil and Jones manage to save their friend Wizard Keekalee from Witch Spikeley? Read the book to find out, you will love it like I did. 

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