Miffy Orange Watering Can Review


Reviewed by Claire Lacovara

We’re big Miffy fans in this house. My husband used to have the Miffy books when he was younger (in fact his parents will probably still have them, as they tend to keep every item they ever purchased for their children! I’ll have to ask as my girls would love to see them).

My 4 year old is also a big Miffy fan. She likes the programme and used to have a Miffy bowl and spoon set that HAD to be used for breakfast, else all hell would break loose. My husband dropped it one day. That was a dark day in this household!

When the watering can arrived my 1 year old was the first to get her grubby hands on it, I couldn’t get it out of the packaging fast enough.

The handle is just the right size for little hands. It really helped her to balance it.

Firstly she and the 4 year old used it as a makeshift teapot in their playhouse. This kept them going for quite a while.

Then, I amazed the 1 year old when I filled it with water – what type of wizard am I?! Once she got over the shock and excitement she happily watered the plants.

One hour in, a make shift teapot and then watering the plants – this was proving to be a great success!

After dinner it was bath time and my 4 year old snuck the watering can into the bath. Genius idea!

I’m sure the bath water was nearly cold by the time they had finished playing – I actually had to hide it to persuade them to get out.

It was used to fill cups, tip water on each other, ‘make rain’, rinse their hair after shampooing, and cover daddy’s lap with water…

The watering can itself is a great design. Miffy’s face adorns it along with a lovely daisy. I wouldn’t say it’s too girly as its yellow and red, so I’m sure boys would love it just as much.

The handle is just the right size for both my girls to use, and they both find it easy to fill up.

Seeing Miffy has brought back memories of the ill-fated breakfast bowl for the 4 year old, so I’m off to find a replacement later.

Miffy has proved to be so popular that I’ll have to see what other products they do too.

As for the watering can, I’m afraid it is now far too loved for it to be in the garden. Every bath time it is the first toy they reach for, I’m sure it will make an appearance in the paddling pool, but it is now too precious to just water plants with!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £4.99

Available to buy from www.miffyshop.co.uk.


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