Miffy Sat on the Moon Framed Mini Poster Review


MiffyFramedMiniPosterMiffy Sat on the Moon
Framed Mini Poster


Reviewed by Emma Johnston

I was lucky enough to be given a framed mini poster of ‘Miffy Sat on the Moon’ to review.

This charming and classic character celebrated her 60th birthday last year and is still immensely popular, entertaining children with her adventures created by the Dutch author and illustrator Dick Bruna.

I think the poster is just scrumptious. The story that the illustration is taken from, ‘Miffy’s Bedtime’ is a firm favourite with my 1 year old and shows Miffy sitting on a crescent moon. The classic bold use bright primary colours and simple design encased in a white frame makes an excellent addition to our nursery wall.

We love Miffy! It is a lovely item that would make an excellent gift for any nursery or child’s bedroom and is very reasonably priced at £19 framed.

Measures 30x40cm.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £19

Available to buy from Miffy Shop here.


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