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MiffyTabardMiffy Tabard


Reviewed by Lauren Gee

My painting obsessed three year old has managed to ruin two of her favourite dresses. That paint that I thought would just wash out because it is water based? It turns out it really doesn’t like to budge.

The Miffy Tabard offers a potential solution to further disasters of the painting kind, by being shiny and wipeable. It also has the bonus of sporting a picture of a cute bunny (Miffy, of course!) and being fairly easy-to-put-on looking – a definite must for three year olds who are too busy whizzing around on painting adventures to stop for more than two seconds.

As it turns out, it IS reasonably easy to put on. The elastic which secures each side is a bit more tricky than ordinary sleeves for my three year old to understand, which has meant a bit of wriggling and squirming as I run around reminding her she needs her arms through so that she can pull it down. Once it is on, it’s a great length and provides good protective coverage for her entire front. Having no arms, I do need to make sure her sleeves are well rolled up as there is no protection for them from the tabard. But the fit in general is perfect for her as a three year old, and I imagine it will last her another year or two as well.

She loves the picture of Miffy, and the bright colours of the tabard. I like that the bright colours make it fairly easy to identify in our pile of useful stuff.

The tabard is good quality and despite having been used very regularly since we got it still looks like new – it wipes down really easily and dries quickly ready for the next use.

It’s now a staple part of our painting and messy play kit – we would definitely recommend it. A big five out of five stars from us.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £5.99

Available to buy from Miffy here.


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