Miles Kelly Convertible Fire Engine Review


Reviewed by David Savage

If like in this house your children love books and vehicles then Miles Kelly have come up with a unique idea that is perfect for both; a story book that converts into a playmat and then into a fire engine!

As a book it is rather large with 6 pages, each measuring about 35x35cm and features a short story of a fire engine racing through town to put out a fire in a barn. Once placed on the floor the road in the story can been used as a playmat to race toy cars around. But the best is that the book can then be stood up and made into a fire engine with a working door and window that the children can sit in and pretend they are driving their own fire engine!


I was using it with 3 year old twins and both boys loved it, more so for the playmat and when it was converted into the fire engine. The book is very detail; inside is the playmat with road complete with roadworks and the story, while the outside is a bright red fire engine complete with an opening door so they can step in and out very easily. The window and front panel are held into place using small Velcro tabs. While inside the fire engine the children can still read the story around the walls of their new vehicle!


So I already know both boys love it and I have to say so do I as it encourages imaginative play and social interaction between the two boys. It is a very thick, sturdy cardboard that wipes clean (very much required with messy fingers everywhere) so should be durable and last a long while.

An excellent idea for creative play that has already had lots of use and can see it being used a lot more in the future! There are 11 convertible books in the range so if fire engines are not your thing there should be something for everyone from bulldozer to princess carriage.

With a RRP of £17.99 (currently selling for £13.49) these convertible books are excellent value for money and play value.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £17.99

Available to buy from Miles Kelly here.


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