Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes Review


MiltonWipesMilton Antibacterial Wipes

Reviewed by Helen Wyatt

I received a pack of Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes, containing 30 lingettes, to test and review. The pack is compact and would easily fit in a handbag or similar on order to take them out and about with you. They would be ideal for a new mum for the changing bag! The pack suggests the wipes are rinse free, and suitable for various surfaces, including highchairs, soothers and baby toys.

They do smell somewhat of cleaning products when you open the pack however I suppose this is quite reassuring as it makes you think they are cleaner. The smell does not linger long though – the wipes are fragrance free as outlined on the packet.

We don’t have babies in our house but we do have a 5 year old and 8 year old – these wipes are great if you need something a bit stronger than a baby wipe, that you know is going to kill nasty germs. You can use them to wipe sticky fingers when out, or to replace hand washing if you’re in a horrid toilet that has no soap.

They are also great for cleaning kitchen surfaces as they are rinse free. Any time you use them you just have to leave the surface to dry for 30 seconds then off you go. Surfaces do dry quickly once wiped.

The pack is resealable, and unlike some baby wipe packets this packet is actually resealable! If you don’t close the packet properly the wipes would dry out so it’s essential the packet seals well.

In addition the wipes are 100% biodegradable which is great news in our current environmentally aware culture.

I would recommend these wipes to anyone who needs something with them whilst out and about, to give you peace of mind about how clean everything is.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £2.29

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