Milton Jones is Out There at The Lowry Manchester Review

15 October 2017


Reviewed by Ann Durrell

Probably best known recently for appearing on Mock the Week, Milton Jones certainly stands out from the crowd. Wacky hair and shirts that look like they came back from a trip to Benidorm, Jones is easily recognisable, as is his humour. He delivers his one liners with perfect timing, pausing between to ensure the crowd are keeping up, it’s my kind of humour.

So, before the show starts we are sat listening to some classics such as Neil Diamond and Bananarama. But there’s a twist, sweet Caroline is no more, replaced with Milton Jones, and its no longer Nathan Jones who has been gone too long if you follow my drift! An amusing pre-entertainment.

The show itself opens with a short 10 minutes from Jones as Great Britain, Broken Britain before the support act Chris Stokes. Stokes is a Vegan from the Black Country who looks like an A Level student despite being a 30 something divorcee. He delivers 25 minutes of stand up with some good material and interacts with the crowd excellently.

After a 20 minutes break Milton Jones comes on for the main event. Throughout the show Jones is being interrupted by the phone, his publisher calling with various ways to plug the tour. A novel way to introduce themes for material during the show!

It’s obvious behind the slightly unkempt looking hair and crazy holiday shirts is a very clever man with a real talent for putting funny material together. I laughed out loud on several occasions.

A very funny show that is worth seeing.

Rating: 5/5

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