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MoscowStateCircusMoscow State Circus
Grand Opera House, York

2 March 2016

Reviewed by Pamela Wright

On Wednesday night I went to see the Moscow State Circus at the Grand Opera House in York with my 10 & 8 year old daughters and 6 year old son. I love visiting this theatre as it is an easy drive and the Castle Car Park is just around the corner on Tower Street offering cheap parking at just £2 after 6pm.

We arrived at the theatre about 20 minutes before the show was due to start and were greeted by the usual smartly dressed and friendly staff who directed us towards our allocated seats in the stalls. Whilst we were waiting for the show to start, we noticed a man walking around speaking to people so my daughter looked at the program and realised it was cast member Vladimir Georgievskiy, he was really friendly and spoke to all the children in the theatre, he came to speak to us too and even let us get a quick photo with him to show to their friends.

Bang on 7:30 the lights dimmed and the show started, the curtain lifted and a bright and colourful stage which looked just like the market staff photos from the program were revealed. The main character of the show played by Ksenia Vcslovskaya was on stage and was given 7 flowers from “The Professor” played by cast member Vladimir Georgievskiy, he explained to her that each flower represents a wish and to use a wish she has to call him by spinning around, jumping up and down and stomping her feet. He warns her to use her wishes carefully.

The show very cleverly follows the story of her using the 7 wishes and manages to incorporate amazing scenes which involve juggling, hula hooping, tight rope walking, trampolining, somersaults, gymnastics and roller skating. The whole show was absolutely breath-taking, the costumes and music in each scene cleverly represented the mood and emotion perfectly.

Although there are no actual clowns in this production the 2 main characters that brought the comedy factor through-out were “The Cleaner” played by Natalia Mezenlceva and “The Professor” Vladimir Georgievskiy, they had a comical “hate” relationship throughout the show and spent all their time and energy trying to out-do each other and show off between themselves, my children were crying laughing at their scenes. Although “The Cleaner” never spoke a word through-out the show she brought her character to life simply using her expressions and body language which were hilarious.

If I’m really honest I didn’t expect The Professor to bring much to the show apart from the comedy with the cleaner but he blew my theory out of the water in the 2nd half of the show  when he treated us to a very clever and comical stunt trampoline show that had my son and myself laughing hysterically.

From start to finish we were treated to lots of different scenes by extremely talented and skilled cast members, although everything in the show was amazing, my favourite 3 scenes were , “the lady in red” it was beautiful with perfect music to go with it , she was suspended by a strap and floated effortlessly across the stage, treating us to spins, she was like a flawless ballerina, it was astonishing to watch. “The Three Chaps”, I spent most of this scene with my heart in my mouth as they performed amazing somersaults and jumps, they made it look effortless but it must have taken a lot of strength, skill, energy and training to be able to perform it so brilliantly (my daughter even asked if the man doing the jumps was on a rope) and the “aerial globes” scene performed by Ksenia Vcslovskaya, she was in a bubble elevated above the stage, she moved around the bubble elegantly and it looked amazing and showed brilliant strength and flexibility, although I did have my mouth over my hand at some points thinking OH MY GOD she might fall out.

The show has been very well put together and follows the story of the 7 wishes being used and manages to incorporate amazing scenes, as well as the ones I mentioned there is juggling, hula hooping, tight rope walking,  gymnastics and roller skating. The whole show was absolutely breath-taking, the costumes and music in each scene cleverly represented the mood and emotion of the scene perfectly.

I have never been to a circus before so in my head I was expecting clowns/juggling/trapeze and general silliness, I was totally wrong and was completely taken aback by the whole experience.  All the hard work and effort that has been put into every details of this show has most definitely been worth it.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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