Mums Like Us by Laura Kemp Review


Mums Like Us
by Laura Kemp

Reviewed by Helen Clarry

I wish I'd have read Mums Like Us by Laura Kemp sooner – it would have helped my sanity as a first time mum!

This is a very funny book which uses two extremes of characters to highlight the struggles of being parents. Stella Smith forms a club for mums who fight against seemingly 'perfect' mums who make motherhood look like a breeze, look fantastic, and claim to have genius babies (they are also often wealthy and have nannies etc…).

Instead mums like Stella reflect the usual reality of being a mum-exhausted, house a mess & food stained clothes. I identified with and laughed out loud at my 'wardrobe contains not on-trend trousers but chunky knits from George at Asda which you panic-bought while en route to the nappies' and being able to be a member of the club if you've 'sobbed uncontrollably when hubby asks you to show him how the pushchair collapses'! 

It's about even though we aim to have no pain relief during child birth and never put our kids in front of the TV, it's ok to sometimes give our kids fish fingers for tea because the reality of being a mother is hard work – 'good enough' parenting is ok and guilt is 'the ying to the yang of all that love you feel for your kids'.

A very real, funny book that I'd recommend for any mum or mum-to-be!

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from Random House here.

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