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MyFriendFreddyBear1My Friend Freddy Bear

Reviewed by Rosemary Knight

My Friend Freddy Bear is an interactive, talking, cuddly teddy bear designed for children aged two and upwards. He requires 3x AA batteries to start him up. You can download a free app to connect Freddy to your smart phone or tablet by Bluetooth, type in details of your child’s interests, friends and favourite things and he becomes your child’s amazing new best friend (you can input 50 questions and Freddy will use these in things he says).

I found it very simple to set him up. I love the fact that you can select different stages of learning to suit the child’s age, so the toy grows up with your child. There are different games, stories and puzzles to play with. Freddy can also be played with without the need of a smart device as his touch sensors will work all the time.

He really is incredible and is soft and wonderfully cuddly to play with. When he is tickled he laughs, his mouth moves when he talks and he really hates to be turned upside down as he says it looks funny! One of the features I really like is that he talks with an English accent.

My two year old grandson really loves playing with Freddy and listening to him tell stories. As he grows older and develops a greater learning ability, he is likely to appreciate the other features more. My five year old granddaughter enjoys playing the advanced level of the games and is also amazed that Freddy knows so much about her and her little brother. In addition to being fun, Freddy Bear is also a great educational toy as he can answer so many questions about many subjects.


This is definitely going to be one of the must have toys for this Christmas and we’re extremely happy to have obtained this so early. This is a fantastic present for children aged two to five years old.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £39.99

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