My Skin Wake Up Fresh Facial Wipes Review


My Skin Wake Up Fresh Facial Wipes


Reviewed by Emma Baker

My skin face wipes come in a handy convenient sized purple packet which is really eye catching, and it has cute little pictures of flowers on the front of the package. The make, amount, type, fragrance are all clearly labelled on the front as well as the easy open resealable seal.

The ingredients are all labelled on the side and directions for use and the Tesco 'promise' are all detailed on the bottom.

The wake up fresh face wipes, come in a pack of 25 and each cloth is a really decent size and you only need the one per time. They were easy to get out of the pack and were so fresh and smelt lovely, the raspberry smell really came across.

The cloth was really soft and gentle on the skin and was full of moisture, but not too damp. They glided over my skin with ease and left me feeling fresh and clean. The seal was easy both to open and reseal and it kept a tight seal right up until the last wipe meaning that even my last wipe was still full of moisture.

Even after a good 2 hours after use my skin was still feeling soft and freshly cleansed and no dryness or tightness that I have felt with other facial wipes.

These were fantastic not only for the removal of every day dirt and grime but also make up. They help cleanse, tone and moisturise the skin and are dermatologically and hypoallergenically tested.

At around £3.50 I think these wipes are a little on the expensive side, but if you are willing to pay that little bit extra they are really good wipes guaranteed to leave you feeling fresh as a daisy, and without any dryness of your skin.

Rating: 4/5

Buy from Tesco here or in store. 

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