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NailHQNail HQ Nail Treatments

Reviewed by Laura Fairbairn

I was delighted when asked to review the Nail HQ nail treatments because I don’t often find time to pamper myself and at 39 weeks pregnant a little luxury like this is a real treat.

The packaging of the products has both positive and negative points. The downside, in my opinion, is that the cardboard boxes are significantly bigger than the products they hold as they contain regular sized nail varnish bottles – this to me seems quite wasteful when a smaller box would do the same job. It is stated on the packing that it is suitable for recycling, which is great, but I would still consider the use of such a large box to be unnecessary. However, on the plus side, I do love that for each product, the packaging has very clear labelling and instructions for use – no guesswork required for these beauties! The graphic design of the packing is what I would call ‘practical’ – it is clear that the products are for a particular purpose rather than simply for fashion, the writing is bold and easy to read and the pictures that have been added are nice and natural.

The ‘Ridge Filler’ (£5.99) is designed to give a smooth and subtle shine to nails that often show their imperfections. I have been quite lucky in that if I take the time to look after my nails they can stay quite smooth anyway, but even I (at times) notice that I could do with a little extra help particularly with my toe nails. This product does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ and instantly made my nails look a lot smoother and when used over a period of time encourages more hydrated nails that are easier to keep in a good condition. Another reason I loved this particular product was the colour – it is a very subtle pink colour that is perfect when used alone if you do not want to add another colour as a top coat.

Now for the ‘Protect & Repair’ (£7.99) – if you like to treat yourself to false nails now and then, you need this product at home! Although, my nails are ok when I look after them, I have given up counting the number of times they have been ruined by having gel or acrylic nails applied. It has always taken months for them to recover and one time I thought I’d be sensible and go to the place I had them done so that they could remove them as well – what I mistake that was, she took so much of my nails off that they were almost down to the bone and, no, I am not exaggerating! This product is designed to be applied daily to damaged nails, is easy to apply and instantly makes them look refreshed. If only I had had this to help my poor nails recover earlier!


The ‘Cuticle Oil’ (£5.99) is great. I found it very easy to apply and whilst it is oil it does not ‘run everywhere’ or create a mess. My cuticles go through phases of being fairly soft and quite dry – maybe I don’t drink enough water or maybe it’s just the weather – either way this product is now a firm favourite because you can apply it as much or as little as you require. It works quite quickly as well and doesn’t take too long to soak in meaning that you are not sitting there waiting to be able to move again after application.

The ‘All in One with Argan Oil’ (£7.99) is the one I was sceptical about, simply because I had never heard of Argan Oil being used in nail products before. I don’t know why I was surprised though as I know how fantastic it can be for your hair, etc… It is very easy to apply, dries very quickly and can be worn on its own giving a lovely shine to natural nails or a base coat for those stronger colours. After using this product a few times, I was very happy to find that my nails did not appear dry and my toe nails looked so much better!

The products vary in price depending on what you require, but I would consider them good value for money.

Rating: 4/5

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4 Star

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