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Hot And Cold Duo Offer Unique Stocking Fillers
for Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts

NEW Natural Hero botanical muscle rub and spray winning plaudits from sporting world elite

A new soothing, plant-based muscle rub and spray duo offers a unique chance to give the outdoor sporting enthusiast in your life a gift with a true feel-good factor.

Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Rub and Cool Peppermint Muscle Spritz, with prices starting at less than £10 each, make the ideal stocking filler to ease hard-worked bodies, readying them for the next challenge.

The smartly packaged, innovative new products that use warming and cooling plant-based technology are quickly winning fans amongst the outdoor sporting elite and physiotherapists alike.

Users of the products include 6 x British champion trial biker, Scott Wilson, Ex-TV Gladiator and national-standard rugby player Dr Zoe Williams and ‘Ultra-runner’ Mark Cooper who famously ran fromAmsterdam toBarcelona in just 56 days.

Dr Zoe describes the Hot Ginger Muscle Rub as“…my favourite sports product for when muscles need that extra help…”, Mark Cooper “would recommend it over products like Deep Heat…”and Scott Wilson said, “I use the Spritz just before I start a comp’ to wake up my muscles…”

Natural Heroes are true feel-good Christmas gifts having already become the first sport and fitness products to receive Ethical Accreditation from The Ethical Company Organisation, publishers of The Good Shopping Guide.

The rub and spritz are both are free of parabens and SLS, are tested on athletes not animals and made in the UK.  

The great smelling high performance Natural Hero products contain over 98% natural ingredients and are packed with powerful botanical extractswhich deliver a beneficial rubefacient warming or cooling sensation. Herbs usedin Natural Heroesinclude rosemary, fennel, arnica and white willow.

The Hot Ginger Muscle Rub, is a warming cream which is rubbed into affected muscles to deliver soothing, lasting heat.The Cool Peppermint Muscle Spritz is sprayed on to instantly cool and revive and also has a lasting effect. Effective for use before and after exercise,both are tested for use by elite athletes but are perfect for mere mortals too!

Visit to find out more about the products.

Prices start at £9.95 for the Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Rub and £11.95 for the Cool Peppermint Muscle Spritz. The products are stocked online and widely over the UK. Visit and click on ‘Where to buy’ for stockists.

Natural Heroes are particularly favoured by lovers of outdoor sports who appreciate their highly natural formulations and super-effective actions. But they are suitable for use by anyone needing a little extra help for tired, aching muscles.

Natural Hero is an independently owned company based inNewcastle upon Tyne. The company was founded by Louise Vincent. Louise has worked with professional formulators and specialist plant scientists to develop the first Natural Heroes.  

Visit to see Dr Zoe Williams starring in Natural Hero, the video.

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