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Seeded Bagels

Reviewed by Chris Barker

Our family gets through a lot of bagels. We all love them. We have tried various different ones including own supermarket brands (usually a bit disappointing) as well as the premium packaged brands. The very best ones we’ve had were freshly made in a Jewish bakery in Gateshead, but they are not the most readily available for most people.

I can tell you that our favourite branded bagels are those made by the ‘New York Bakery Co’. They produce a fairly wide range of different bagels, including as part of their premium range, Red Onion and Chive (my personal favourite), Blueberry (not my personal favourite) and Fruit and Oats. Then they have their normal everyday Plain Bagels (delicious, and you get 5 in a pack instead of 4 for the same price – and best of all, they are already cut in half, ready to toast!).

BagelsHowever this review is about new ‘Limited Edition’ Seeded Bagels’ As part of the premium range you get 4 to a pack. Usual price in supermarkets is £1.60, but there are sometimes deals to be had. These seeded bagels are described as a ‘satisfying source of fibre for slow release energy, free from artificial colours and flavours and packed full of linseeds, sunflower seeds, millet seeds and poppy seeds, inside and out’. A lot of seeds then!

So what do I make of these? Well they look good, nice rich brown, plenty of the aforementioned seeds – everywhere. They certainly look okay. Now I know a lot of people consume bagels as part of a bigger meal, and eat them topped with scrambled egg and smoked salmon, or maybe a salad. The great thing about bagels is you can do a lot with them. For me though, I like them as they are, toasted with butter on. My feeling with these seeded bagels is that although they are okay eaten this way, and still deliver the initial crunch followed by the delicious buttery chewiness that I love, these ones tasted a bit plain. The seeds were there in abundance but they seemed to add little in the way of flavour. I don’t doubt that they were healthier than the white ones however. As far as feeling fuller for longer through slow release of energy, I’m quite prepared to believe they do. Personally though, I think these would be better suited to those who enjoy their bagels as part of a meal with some sort of topping. I’m going to stick with my regular ones and as a treat the Red Onion and Chive.

I’m curious to know why this is a ‘Limited Edition’ – surely if the company want to launch a healthier bagel option they should market with confidence. I hate getting used to a ‘Limited Edition’ product only to have the rug pulled from under me when I have established it as a regular part of my diet.

In conclusion, I do think these will be popular with those who would like a healthier option of premium bagel, with a potential to keep you feeling satisfied for longer. For me personally, I will be sticking to this brand (I really do think they understand the bagel!) but not this particular variant.

Rating: 3.5/5

For more information visit or look out for them in your supermarket.

3 half Star

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