One Day on Our Blue Planet… In the Savannah Review


OneDayBluePlanetSavannahOne Day on Our Blue Planet… In the Savannah
by Ella Bailey

Reviewed by Katie Garrett

One Day on Our Blue Planet… In the Savannah is a beautiful picture book which was well suited to both my three and five year old. The book is a hardback which I found made it sturdier and it’s a generous size meaning that reading to several children at once was done with ease. The book came well packaged which helped make sure no corners were dented and it arrived in mint condition.

Ella Bailey not only wrote this story but illustrated it too. The pictures in this book are outstanding, they are so warm and inviting to young readers. Each page is well covered with illustration which gave lots of talking points for the children whilst we read, they liked using the key in the front cover to identify the animals. As a parent I liked how the animals were labelled with their full names which helped educate us all and as a mother I am always trying to add learning into everything we do. However I also felt it wasn’t too informative that the children switched off, they were interested in what the cub would do next.

The story centres around a young lion cub and his day on our blue planet. It navigates through where they sleep, what they eat, where they play, all in a very informative and factually correct manner.  It’s a great book for many different things. We initially used it as a bedtime story. Then we re-read it during the day time allowing more talking around the animals and how their day was different to ours. My three year old quite fancied catching some lunch rather than going to the supermarket though. We also used the book as a guide for drawing some pictures of the animals, my daughters’ giraffes are better than mine!

Ella Bailey has said this is the first in a series following young animals living a day their corner of this blue planet. We will definitely be looking out for the others and are hoping a giraffe is in the range.

This book retails at £11.99 which I’d consider expensive for a children’s book, however this book oozes quality from the thick paper used to the hard matt cover. There were so many different things we could do stimulated from the book, from looking up more information on the animals to pretending we were animals it was all down to the children’s imaginations. Therefore I feel that this book is a good solid one to have on the bookshelf to see what it will bring out in the children the next time it is read.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £11.99

Available to buy from Flying Eye Books here.

4 half Star

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