Orchard Toys Number Sticker Colouring Book Review


Reviewed by Sarah-Kate Cantlie

My little boy is incredibly energetic and into everything and anything, the one constant we have is his love for Spiderman, which is only bettered by his love of stickers. Any book that combines learning and stickers is an absolute winner for any child like mine, whose attention is intense, but often short lived.

The Orchard Toys number colouring book is great, my son is getting into tracing numbers and punctuating this with stickers and optional colouring is a great way to keep him occupied. I would definitely take one of these along to restaurants or on train journeys to help keep him occupied. Now my child isn’t the best at colouring and isn’t really there yet with the inside the lines and making things look perfect, but I do know other children that are. For children that can sit and colour, this will provide longer entertainment, I feel lucky to get as long as I did.

The book is really cute, not too heavy with 24 pages, so it travels well and I especially like the puzzle pages in the second part of the book. I think my child would have like even more stickers and he likes the option of sticking them on himself, so it would be good to have a few extra stickers, so his OCD mummy doesn’t feel like the book is neglected when stickers are stolen. The other thing that I would have liked would be to have three or four coloured pencils that come with the book, so when I buy it whilst out, we can start colouring straight away.


This is a really fun book and a great way to have fun whilst learning and being creative. My little boy loves it and I’m sure he won’t be in the minority. I would definitely recommend with its reasonable price and ability to excite my little man. Something lovely to do together.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £2.99

Available to buy from Orchard Toys here.

4 Star

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