Organix Alphabet and Animal Biscuits Review


OrganixBiscuitsAlphabet and Animal Biscuits

Reviewed by Bethany Jones

When shopping in the supermarket, trying to get a healthy snack that my child will actually eat can be a difficult task, so I was excited to see what my son thought of the Organix Alphabet and Animal Biscuits. We already buy a few Organix products so was keen to see if these get his approval too.

The first thing I liked is the individual packets of the alphabet biscuits, it’s the perfect amount of biscuits in one pack, which saves loads of biscuits going soft from opening up one big bag. Also ideal to have a few packets as an emergency in your changing bag, especially if other mums and dads have greedy children like me!

OrganixGoodiesMiniOatyBitesI also received some Organix Goodies Mini Oaty Bites, we already buy the full oat bars but again, having them individually wrapped is brilliant as on some occasions my son won’t eat a full bar, but can polish off one or two mini bites without any wastage, not even a crumb!

When it comes to taste and flavours, I’m quite often disappointed when my son eats them all as I secretly hope that he will leave one or two as I enjoy them too. There is plenty of flavour but knowing they are also healthy is a big bonus.

One thing I’d personally change is the farm animal biscuits, a resealable bag would be so much better, as even though they are in a bag and then in a box, they are starting to go soft. But they have been open for 3 days now so they have lasted longer than I thought, I’m also surprised I’ve not finished off the box either!

I also enjoy spelling out words with the alphabet biscuits too, it makes learning fun and plus they get a yummy treat at the same time.

The value for money is brilliant, yes there may be cheaper alternatives on the market but after trying almost every single one, Organix are always the family favourite and I refuse to buy anything else!

Rating: 4.5/5

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4 half Star

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