Paignton Zoo Review


Paignton Zoo

Reviewed by Laura Sims

I was very excited when I was selected to review the zoo, I had last visited there quite a few years ago & knew that there had been several changes since then but I was amazed at how much it has been developed.

I spent the day with my husband & two sons (11 years & 7 weeks).

All areas were very clean & tidy-no area that we saw looked old or run down. It was well signposted-also there were lots of clear & bright new signs on all enclosures, providing lots of good information on the particular species – it was very educational, my son enjoyed reading out loud facts as we visited each enclosure.

Keeper/feeding talks ran throughout the day-this was well advertised so we were able to plan our day accordingly.

There are a wide variety of species, we all got to see our favourite animals.

The enclosures are well laid out, they are a good balance of meeting the animals need (first & foremost) but also that of the viewing public.

The zoo is wheelchair & pushchair friendly-slopes as well as steps to enclosures/exhibits. There is a large restaurant which provides a variety of different meals & snacks. We also saw a couple of smaller places that sold ice creams & snacks. We used one of the outdoor picnic areas to have our lunch – the one & only down side of our visit was that people were smoking in the picnic area, I am aware that people are allowed to smoke outside but perhaps they should not be allowed to do so within areas that people are eating.

We had a brilliant time at the Feathered Feats Bird Show, it was fun & educational, we also got to see several of the birds up close.

There is a gift shop which my son loved, as well as animals adoptions they had a huge selection of items for sale at wide ranging prices.

There is plenty of parking not far from the entrance – but it’s on a slope which is tiring on the return to the car after a long day with a pushchair but you do have the option to pull your car up nearby & load up by the entrance.

We had a fantastic day out & we will definitely return – as I've said, the only downside was the smoking in the picnic area. I have & will continue to recommend the zoo to family & friends. They are doing a brilliant job of caring for the animals.

Rating: 5/5

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