Parlux 385 PowerLight Hair Dryer Review


Parlux385PinkParlux 385 PowerLight
Hair Dryer

Reviewed by Pamela Wright

I have been using this hair dryer for a couple of days now and I absolutely love it. It comes in a range of colours and I have the hot pink one, it is really gorgeous and girly to look at.

The first thing I did when I got it was switch it on to see how noisy it was and I was really impressed as it’s a lot quieter than what I have at the moment. I compared it to my trusty old hair dryer and it’s smaller and lighter but seems twice as powerful.

As a mum of 5 children I don’t often get much time to do my hair properly so I usually just zap it on the hottest/most powerful setting (that’s the quickest way to dry it) then I straighten it. I used the Parlux hair dryer with the nozzle and used it on the max power setting and the medium heat setting (which was just as hot as the top setting on mine). Usually after drying my hair I have to wait for 10 minutes so I can physically cool down but after drying my hair this time I noticed I wasn’t all hot and bothered. I used the cool button for my fringe and its usually quite stubborn to style (this went quickly from hot to cold too). I noticed a huge difference too with the sound of this, when I style my hair I usually struggle to hear my phone ringing or somebody knocking at the door but with this hairdryer it was far quieter and felt/sounded more like the one my hairdresser uses when she does my hair.

I used the same shampoo and conditioner that I usually use but noticed that my hair wasn’t its usual dry and frizzy self once I had finished drying it and it actually seemed to look and feel in better condition and looked shinier than it usually does. I thought I was maybe imagining it but somebody commented later that same day about how lovely and shiny my hair looked. The huge bonus too was that my hair was quite straight when I’d finished which meant I didn’t have to spend any time straightening it.


This is definitely an amazing hair dryer and it comes in lots of different colours too. It gets a huge 5/5 from me as it even managed to get my nightmare, style avoiding, fringe to look nice.

Technical specifications: 2150 Watts, Airflow: 79 m3/hr, 4 Temperature / 2 Speed, Coldshot button, Impact resistant casing and heavy duty switches, 2 Nozzle and a 3mtr cable. Eco-Friendly Ceramic Ionic.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £89.95

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