Peppa Pigs Theme Park Ride Duck Review



Peppa Pig’s Theme Park Ride – Duck

Reviewed by Lee-Anne McCarthy

With twin boys to keep entertained anything that grabs their attention and holds it at all is a truly marvellous thing. This week we were lucky enough to receive Peppa Pig’s Theme Park Ride toy so a little time for a cup of tea while they played with it was greatly appreciated. The toy itself is well packaged and is very appealing for little hands. To be honest I couldn’t get it out of the box quick enough.

The toy is very robust and therefore easily survived even the most heavy handed of my pair. The toys carriage moves then so too does the duck figure in a sort of rocking motion. This fascinated my boys and is a lovely additional feature. The toy can be played with as a standalone toy or it can be used in conjunction with the Theme Park Rides Train. It easily clips onto the train. This seems like a lovely idea especially for Christmas and birthdays when people want to buy a small gift. The individual toy has been well worth its money providing much time of imaginative play and interaction for both my boys.

Rating: 5/5

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