Personalised Jelly Mould Review


PersonalisedJellyMould1Personalised Jelly Mould

Reviewed by David Savage

At children’s birthday parties there is always jelly, but they all look the same. So what about personalising your party jelly with your child’s name to make it they little bit more special? I was sent a Personalised Jelly Mould by Jellyvision from gift website Prezzybox to review.

I received a round jelly mould personalised with the name Debbie. The mould can be personalised with any name (no numbers) and if 8 or less characters the name will be centered across the mould, if more than 9 characters the name will be positioned around the edge. The mould has a 1 litre capacity so is a reasonable amount of jelly for a children’s party.


So I made my jelly and put in the fridge overnight. This is where my problem started, when trying to remove the jelly from the mould it wouldn’t budge and I ended up breaking the jelly shape making the name unreadable. I must point out this was my fault for not reading the instructions enclosed in the box. So I made another jelly, this time following the instructions of smearing a very fine film of vegetable oil around the inside of the mould and left in the fridge overnight again. The next morning I placed a plate on top of the mould and tipped it over and the jelly slid out like magic, no breakage and the name was showing proudly on top on the jelly.


The personalised jelly mould is a great idea for adding a personalised touch to a child’s birthday table. The mould itself is quite thick and durable and easy to clean so can be used as many times as you like. If you didn’t want a name you could always have something generic like Happy Birthday.

A great little idea that will put a smile on your child’s face.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £5.95

Available to buy from Prezzybox here.


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