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SmallBucketPersonalised Small Bucket

Reviewed by Debbie Lowndes

I was delighted when I was chosen to conduct a review of the Personalised Small Bucket. The bucket was despatched by Royal Mail and unfortunately arrived whilst I was out. I called at the posted office and collected the item, the package was excellent and the item was very secure.

I opened the package and I was delighted to find a very exciting product. I absolutely love shabby chic vintage looking products and I was not disappointed with this product, it is gorgeous! The bucket is very cute in its design and it is painted with a vintage clotted cream enamel. This enamel catches the light beautifully and adds a statement to the area in which it is displayed.

You can request that a personal message be applied to your bucket. I requested the following personal message ‘Chill with the Lowndes’.  You can even select a colour for your text I decided on Cornish blue. The number of letters is limited to 28, this is plenty and I am certain it will accommodate for most messages. You can have fun with the product by putting any random message you wish. The writing is very complimentary to the product and it is very clear and bright (stands out well). It is evenly spaced and the letters are very symmetrical. Thought has been applied when the placing the writing onto the product in order to ensure it looks stunning.

I would describe the item like a small beach bucket constructed from steel. It is light to lift and comes complete with a small handle for easy transportation. If you are looking for a unique creative gift then this item is a definite must. It will stand out in both your home and garden. Guess what, not everyone will own one either. There are many uses for the bucket, you could use this in your living room, kitchen, porch or your garden to create a floral masterpiece. It will definitely draw attention and become a talking piece amongst friends, family and visitors. It could also work as a centre piece on a garden or kitchen table.  It adds vintage shabby chic to the environment.

I have been contemplating over the use for my quaint bucket? I have finally reached a decision the use for my bucket. It will be a wine cooler during the summer months. During the winter I will move this indoors and use as a centre piece for a floral display either on my kitchen window or on my dining room table. I am very impressed with the countryside chic bucket. It will be very easy to clean all you need is a damp cloth to wipe it down.

This gift will cater for many occasions, i.e. Mother’s Day, wedding’s and birthdays. It will also be adored by many different ages from mothers to grandma’s. The option to add a special message allows this gift to become very special for the intended recipient.

I would rate this product 5 out of 5. I am very much in love with my bucket and I know it will be the talk of my garden at the summer barbecues ahead.

Product dimensions: H13cm x W13cm x D13cm

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from Getting Personal here.


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