Petticoat Pirates Review


PetticoatPiratesPetticoat Pirates

Reviewed by David Savage

Starring: Charlie Drake, Anne Heywood, Cecil Parker, John Turner
Directed by: David MacDonald
Certificate: U
Running Time: 83 minutes
Release Date: 27 January 2014
RRP: £9.99

Petticoat Pirates is part of “The British Film” collection from Network. This 1961 naval comedy starring comedian Charlie Drake and screen goddess Anne Heywood has had a brand new transfer to DVD and is available to buy from 27 January 2014.

Charlie (Charlie Drake) has been in the navy for 3 years and never been at sea. Chief Officer Anne Stevens (Anne Heywood) is a spirited Wren who believes that women are just as capable as the men and should be allowed on the warships.

When the Wrens request for equality and to be allowed on the warships is refused Chief Officer Anne Stevens decides to take control of HMS Huntress, Operation Petticoat, and take her out to sea along with a crew of 150 trained Wrens. When the fear that Charlie has overheard their plans they kidnap him and lock him away in a linen cupboard. In his bid to escape he dresses as a Wren and becomes part of the team to take the Huntress.

The Wrens take control of the Huntress with efficiency and ease and take her out to see and decide to take part in a NATO naval exercise.  Charlie and the few remaining men onboard are plotting to take back the ship but soon find that they have to work together.

Overall, Petticoat Pirates was a light-hearted comedy about the battle of the sexes with a good storyline and was very enjoyable. Some may consider some of it sexist but then that was the idea of the film that women can do the job as well as men but working together brings the most success.

Although made in 1961 it doesn’t feel that dated and was a joy to watch.

Rating: 4/5

Petticoat Pirates is available to buy on DVD from 27 January 2014 from Network here.

4 Star

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