Piccolo Organic Baby Food Review


Reviewed by Sarah Bryan

Piccolo means “child or little one” in Italian and that really sums up this company’s core, its slogan is “Nature, Nurture, Nourish” and reading up on www.mylittlepiccolo.com to my pleasant surprise the founder of Piccolo organic baby food  (Cat) is driven from the heart. There is a big feel of family and the importance of children being giving a great nutritional head start in life regardless of class. This company supports the NCT and pumps back 10% of its profits into helping fund a charity, The Food Education Foundation who provide nutrition classes and workshops to help disadvantaged families in London – something which they proudly state on the pouches of their baby food.

The product is packaged in standard size baby food pouches but the smooth matt feel to the packs sets it apart from the rest, it makes me feel instantly that a message is being given of “We don’t need gloss and glitz… we’re real” The colours used are eye catching and nicely correspond to the edible contents within. The colour palette is spring like and has a watercolour feel to it. The logo is a simple silhouette of a child looking and pointing upwards (to a tree as shown on reserve). The logo shouts quality, it doesn’t scream brashly or whisper shyly but it arrives neutrally, calmly and confidently.

I must admit during my first look at the packets, I misread the “supporting NCT” logo as “supported by NCT” which made me think “oooh if NCT mums like this, then it has to be good!” On closer inspection and then during my research into Piccolo, I now completely see why and how they are Indeed supporting NCT.

I love the childlike, easy to read font used on the reverse of the pouches, it gives the impression of “Real” “True” “Natural” which reflects their ethics. The ingredients are simple, no added sugar, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians – they’ve covered it all really, its suitable for all. The “Spring Vegetables and Chicken with Rice and Tarragon” is deliciously smooth in texture and in the smallest understated writing at the bottom of the pack on the back, an impressive statement tells us it is made using “organic free range chicken” – just what I want to feed my child. The ingredients are literally just chicken, veg, stock, oil, herbs and spices and absolutely nothing else!

A small logo giving the age in months the food is suitable for as well as info such as first tastes or second tastes is quite small and hard to spot at first. When I’m perusing the baby food section in the supermarket, the first thing I look for is not the flavours, or price but it’s the age I am looking for primarily. This perhaps could be bolder for the convenience of the busy consumer.

I find the Piccolo product packaging very appealing and I would choose this product above its competitors even those that are long term household names. It makes me feel I am giving my baby the very best, the recipes are thoughtful rather than random thrown together clashing flavours. If you’re a mum who has the time to create an array of nutritional, delicious home cooked fresh baby foods every day then that is fantastic but what if you can’t? These pouches can be slipped in alongside your own creations to complement your dishes – they really are up to standard – sometimes as a mum you are just too busy to be able to cook such a vast menu and you are left feeling guilty that your precious bubba is being fed substandard mush. These Piccolo organic pouches provide your little one with good honest organic food.

The Piccolo organic packets are easy to open and smell yummy! I’ve tasted my fair share of baby foods having  two daughters and some are shockingly disgusting. Would you be happy giving your treasured bundle something you wouldn’t even eat yourself? These are tasty! Our favourite has to be the Mango Pear and Kale with a dash of yogurt – it tastes like a smoothie – my youngest couldn’t get enough of this flavour!

A wonderfully scrumptious, attractive and big hearted brand… 5 stars!

Rating: 5/5

For more information, full range of flavours or to find your nearest stockist (including Waitrose and Asda) visit www.mylittlepiccolo.com.


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