Picturehouse AFS Cars 2


Autism Friendly Screening of
Cars 2

3 June 2012
Belmont Picturehouse

Picturehouse Cinemas have a fantastic Autism Friendly screening coming up at the Belmont Picturehouse (Aberdeen) cinema this Sunday (3 June). The film this month is CARS 2, a fun animated tale from Disney Pixar about a little car with big dreams.

The lights are left on low and the volume is reduced to lessen the sensory impact, and it it absolutely fine to move around, make noise or take a break from the screen as needed.

Tickets are £3 per person (they are reduced prices for all rather than just a free ticket for carers so you can bring the whole family) and you can book online here:


If you can help spread the word about these screenings, then let us know by email. We have some flyers and posters that you can print them out and pass them on or put them up at your school, or do let interested families and carers know they can contact me to join the mailing list.

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