Planet Organic Seamore I Sea Pasta Seaweed Tagliatelle Review


Reviewed by Emma Booth

I was excited to try some Planet Organic Seamore I Sea Pasta Seaweed Tagliatelle when it arrived through the post. It’s not something I’ve tried before or something I would have thought of buying. It says you can use it as a pasta alternative so I decided I would cook it as normal pasta and use it in a Bolognese.

On the packet, it says you can either soak it first for 15 minutes in warm water or just boil. At first glance, I thought the amount in the packet was fairly small so I mistakenly cooked the whole packet, which gave me far too much, you need to use less than you think.

The whole family tried the pasta and were pleasantly surprised to find that the taste was very mild, not really tasting of much in particular, which I thought was great meaning I could get my daughter to eat something much healthier without her minding. Cooking it the way I did, I found it had a firm texture that I like, but if you don’t I think by soaking it you lose the firm bite.

I couldn’t believe how healthy it is and it’s so easy to work into your normal dishes. Seamore seaweed pasta is gluten free, suitable for vegans, is organic and low in carbs. The seaweed is handpicked from the rocks in Ireland so truly is wild organic seaweed containing more fibre, vitamins and minerals with less calories than other pastas, so is a great healthy change you could make to your diet.

I enjoyed trying this and was surprised at how versatile it is. I received a little booklet with other ideas on how you could use it, so if you look up online you’re sure to find a way that you would like. I’d definitely recommend for people to give this a try, I would certainly use this again.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £5.99 (100g)

Available to buy from

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