Plants vs Zombies Official Sticker Book Review


Plants vs Zombies
Official Sticker Book

Reviewed by Sandra McGhee

We recently received Plants vs Zombies Official Sticker Book for review. Upon it arriving in the post my 9 year old daughter was instantly excited to inspect this book she was very eager to flick through it. The book itself is a paperback but quite sturdy, it is very colourful displaying the zombies and plants on the front cover showing it was an official sticker book with over 1,000 stickers and on the back cover detailing its contents including activities, puzzles and funnies. Lucy spent a good hour instantly completing puzzles, word searches along with riddles and unlocking secret codes. She liked the fact that on completed tasks she could reward herself with winner stickers. She enjoyed all of the jokes which were silly and funny and had heard her laughing out loud!

This book is a must for any fan, it is based on the smash-hit 'Plants vs. Zombies' video game and app and it has lots of exciting games such as code cracker, spot the difference word search, making a comic watching other people doing strategies for the game so you can know and learn tactics when playing the app and even more such as mazes and cross words photo finished and games like plant-doku  and playing pirate zombie's pirate zombie game and goal-doku and brain dump missing links her favourite game was pirate zombie's pirate zombie game about being a pirate zombie. 

Any child that receives this book will be entertained for hours, it's packed with various tasks, including the diary, making stories and creating your own comic amongst a flag quiz which was educational too. This book would be a perfect item to travel with. The best part is all the stickers, as there's so many they can be used for reward purposes or creating additional comic and sticker scenes. All of the answers are listed at the back of the book, just in case anything is too tricky. Some of the challenges though are fairly easy, for instance if you had a younger fan, how many suns are in the book, this is a simple task as there's only a dozen. My daughter has spent a good few hours working through mazes and puzzles and there's still more challenges not completed. 

If you fancy letting your children have some quality time away from TV, computers etc…, this is a must, as the tasks are challenging, my daughter didn't ask for any supervision, she coped unassisted! So I guess the age range is suitable and if there are younger fans the stickers alone would be a good buy.

Very good value, worth it for the stickers alone! Very well illustrated and presented for the younger fan.

RRP: £7.99

Rating: 5/5

Plants vs Zombies Official Sticker Book is available to buy from Puffin here.

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