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Reviewed by Marianne Rowley

I went to Playworld in Huddersfield with my husband, my 5 year old son, my 2 year old son and daughter and my mother-in-law as it was Mother’s Day.

It is situated just at the back from the main road. There is a big car park with spaces allocated for Playworld and some disabled spaces at the front of the building.

There is a ramp to enter the building and its appearance is quite deceptive as it looks small from the outside but it is huge in the inside. As we arrived inside we were greeted by the front desk team which were very friendly. We sorted out our entry and our roller skate hire vouchers. We were then directed to our table which they had reserved for us by the play area as they knew we were coming with young children (they are happy to reserve tables during the week but are not always able to do so at the weekend or school holidays).

Our first impression was that it was all very clean and looked new (they opened in May last year). The decor is very modern with funky colours, high back comfy chairs and booths. We were a little bit cold and it is a bit dark when you first arrive. However, as they have created a cool disco ambiance for the roller skaters thanks to the subtle lightning and great music, it soon passed. I really liked the staff uniform all in black except for their ties and different colour aprons.

The kids removed their shoes straight away and went to the play area whilst we ordered coffee and drinks. The play area has a small area for under 2’s which has a few soft building blocks and slide as well as a few baby toys. The under 10 year old area is immense over 4 or 5 floors. I never actually went in it as my twins were more than happy to follow their big brother. You can’t see all the way to the top and I actually ‘lost’ my little boy at some point. The manager took me up a flight of stairs on the side and I was glad to find a couple of hidden entrances up there. My little boy was happily running around! It was nice to know that the kids cannot actually go anywhere but back downstairs as the stairs go up to the party room only, with a gate at the top.

We decided to have a go at roller skating and found it hard to get our eldest to leave the play area as he was having so much fun. We put on our roller skates and in my case my roller blades. The ring is quite fast moving and it has arrow so you are all supposed to be going around anticlockwise. It wasn’t very busy and it isn’t huge which is really nice. There is a rail all around it for beginners. It was my son’s 4th time with his roller skates and he enjoyed the music and the atmosphere. He had a go on his own but mostly held our hands. My mother-in-law and the twins were able to watch us whilst seating on tall chairs which are available all around the ring. It definitely was nice that the place wasn’t hot or we would have been boiling! It is only when I came out that I was informed that I wasn’t supposed to have rollerblades on as they are only insured for roller skates. It was all done in a very friendly manner and I will remember that for next time. The other thing that we noticed is that you are not supposed to have your rollers on the carpeted area. However, they didn’t seem too strict with the rule but I noticed it was mostly observed.

We decided to order our lunch. They offer a wide variety of food from the World Street Kitchen menu: Breakfast, Indian, Oriental, Americas, Europeans, Sandwiches, Panini’s, Wraps, Jacket Potatoes, Omelettes and they even had a special Mother’s Day menu. I went for the Chicken & Chorizo Tagliatelle (European’s), my husband picked the Chicken New Yorker (America’s) and my mother-in-law has the Playworld Chicken Burger (America’s). For the children, they have the Really Young Ones menu for under 4’s and they offer some of the adults dishes as Young One’s portion. We decided to have a bit of a selection for the kids and had Hot Dog, Pasta Napolitana and Fish Fingers for them to share.

The food took a bit of time to arrive which I always found a good sign as it means that it is prepared from fresh rather than ready made. It all looked appealing with the chips having been stack on my husband and my mother-in-law’s plates. They obviously make a lot of effort with the presentation as well as the taste. It was all really delicious and we couldn’t fault it. The kids ate everything and so did we (well, my mother-in-law might have left some but she isn’t a big eater). The head chef even came out to make sure we were enjoying the food. We couldn’t help but have some cakes for our pudding as they looked so tempting. We had chocolate fudge cakes and snickers cake. I noticed that they also had gluten free cakes. They also offer ice creams, milkshakes, pop corn and sweets (we had 3 bags for the journey back!).

They are fully licensed and they offer wine, beer, cider, sparkling wine, spirit and mixers as well as a large selection of hot and cold drinks including Slush! My husband said that the coffee was very nice which is a high compliment!

The toilets are amazing with a washbasin in each cubicle, very funky coloured tiles and square toilets. I was impressed with the cleanliness of it all. They also have disabled toilet with baby changing facilities.

The manager took me upstairs to show me their restaurant. They have an all you can eat buffet on a Friday and Saturday night with 22 dishes. It costs £10.95 per person and for every paying adult, 1 child goes free. She proceeded to explain that they have an oriental chef, an Indian chef and an Italian chef which is the reason why they went for the around the world menu. I really wished I had been in the mood for an Indian or oriental dish. I saw some of them as we went passed some tables and they looked very tempting.

I would advise to check the website for their opening hours and the different sessions they offer:

 – Soft Play and Tractors & Trikes – £3.00 (Term Time – Tuesday to Friday – 9am to 3pm)

– Soft Play only £4.00

– Skate & Soft Play – £5.00

– Skate Hire – £2.00 (some session offer free skate hire)

– Spectator fee – Free or £2.00 (some session spectators will receive a £2.00 voucher to be redeemed against any drink or meal)

– Soft Play & Meal – £7.00 / Skate, Soft Play & Meal – £8.00

– Under 6 months – Free

They also do birthday party packages.

We really enjoyed going to Playworld and would highly recommend it. The staff was very friendly and attentive and the food was excellent. The only down side for us is that is it just over 1 hour drive. However, I have no doubt that we will go again.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

For more information visit

Playworld. Westbourne Road, Marsh, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 4LF | 01484 420 404


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