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postmanpatlivePostman Pat Live:
It’s Showtime
St George’s Hall, Bradford

Reviewed by Louise Totton

I’m not sure a show has ever been anticipated with as much excitement and enthusiasm as Postman Pat – It’s Showtime was by my 4 year old daughter and nephew. They were both high as kites on the journey over to Bradford, and were happily discussing which of the residents of Greendale might be there and whether they’d see the Greendale Rocket.

St George’s Hall was, as always, spotlessly clean and all of the staff we met were approachable and friendly. We were shown to our seats, and were initially a little disappointed to be right off to one side. We needn’t have worried though, although we were at the very edge, the characters made full use of the stage and we had a full and clear view throughout the performance.

The sense of excitement was really rather intense leading up to the start of the show, and when the man himself actually appeared on stage, it became apparent that it wasn’t just my kids that were so excited – the audience erupted with shouting and cheers.

The premise of the show was a talent competition in Greendale, with Postman Pat and four of his friends charged with getting the competition underway. Along with the usual calamities and sighs of relief when Postman Pat saves the day were some audience sing-alongs and some boys vs girls shouting contests.

The show was approximately 90 minutes with a 20 minute interval, and being perfectly honest, it was probably a little too long. There was a good deal of talking and dialogue between the characters, and it did seem that some of the younger audience members were growing a little weary of it towards the end. They all, of course, loved seeing Pat and Co, but the pace of the performance was a little slow in places.

Our party thoroughly enjoyed the day out, the children both said they’d had a wonderful time but I feel if they had been much younger, they would have found the dialogue a little too much and a little more action would have made the whole experience better. Our two were also a little disappointed that they didn’t get to meet any of the characters at the end. It would have just topped off a lovely afternoon nicely for them.

Would I recommend the show? Yes, but rather than for ages 3-6, I would think that 4-6 might be a little more appropriate. It was a lovely afternoon out, a little expensive for what it was and although I probably wouldn’t rush to see this particular show again, the children had a lovely time and we were glad we’d gone. Top marks to St George’s Hall though – yet again, a wonderful venue to watch a good show.

Rating: 3.5/5

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3 half Star

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