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PuressentialBabyRelaxBalmPuressentiel Baby Relax Balm


Reviewed by Emma Stubbs

If you’re a parent, you know you will try (almost) anything to get your baby to sleep well. In fact, as a Zombiemum, I’ve even thought about setting up a sleep-aid hire system so parents can try something out and then give it back when it inevitably doesn’t work. Puressentiel’s Baby Relax Balm was something I hadn’t tried, so I was very keen to test it out. I obviously laughed in the face of this small little box that said the balm enclosed would ‘prepare relaxation and sleep’. Prepare for sleep, and ACTUALLY sleep are very different things, but obviously claiming that this elixir of essential oils will send your child to the land of nod for a good 11 hours without fail might be a bit unrealistic.

Now enough of my cynicism. My daughter is now two, and I have to say, she is getting a lot better at sleeping. Dare I say it, she now usually sleeps through the night (that’s it, I’ve jinxed it, I’m doomed), and is fairly content at settling herself to sleep. However, the last couple of weeks she has been fighting going to bed a little, despite the military bedtime routine staying the same, so I was interested to see if a massage with this Relax Balm would do the trick.

I didn’t know what to expect from a balm – I’m not a masseuse and I’m not well-versed in the realms of essential oils. I suppose I assumed it would be a bit like a vapour rub, but how wrong I was. It’s kind of like a jelly, which I’ll admit freaked me out at first, but once applied, it turns into more of a massage oil. The essential oils contained are cypress, lavender, marjoram, orange and thyme, and the combined smell really is lovely and soothing without being overpowering. Now what I was really impressed with was how ungreasy the application was – all the massage oils I’ve ever used have left a slippy residue, but this soaked into the skin whilst still allowing me to easily rub and massage my daughter’s skin. Never again will I be using standard baby oil!

You only need a small amount each time (the instructions say to use 1.25g of balm, but I can’t say I can judge what that amount is whatsoever!), so the 50ml pot would definitely last a long time. I’m unsure why this product can’t be used for more than 3 consecutive days per week, and this is a shame, as it would be great to use as part of our daily bedtime routine.

The aromas and the relaxing massage definitely prepared my daughter for sleep, and after her story, she crawled into bed and after a quick kiss and check of her army of small toy bedtime companions, she soon drifted off. VICTORY!!! QUICK!  TELL ALL THE OTHER PARENTS!

I have a small confession in that I also used the product on my insomniac husband’s shoulders before bed, and… HE ALSO SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! So I now have a 2 year old who sleeps AND a husband that sleeps. Now all I need is to stop said husband’s snoring. Do you have a miracle balm for that, Puressentiel?

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

 RRP: £16.99 (50ml)

Availalble to buy from Boots and Amazon. For more information visit www.puressentiel.com.


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