Purrfectbox Review


Reviewed by Catherine Brown

With Christmas fast approaching many animal lovers don’t want their furry friends to miss out on the present giving fun. A web-based company have come up with a solution for cats and dogs which will save all the hassle of selecting the right gift yourself.

Purrfectbox and Pawsomebox deliver monthly products to suit your pet’s needs. Our cat Fudge had the pleasure of trying out a cat friendly set of treats which were posted out to us in a sturdy cardboard box.

Once registered with the company you fill in a brief set of questions which ensure the items in the box are tailor made to your requirements. A box of six items is then prepared and posted out to you each month. This can be done as a one off or there are 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions (£19.90 Monthly / £56.70 3 months / £107.40 6 months / £190.80 12 months).

Each box contains a mix of toys, accessories, hygiene and food items. There is also an accompanying booklet with news items, information about new products, ways to care for your pet and pictures of previous recipients.

On opening our box I was delighted to see it was packed full of goodies for our cat to enjoy. Inside were 3 toys – a Kong softie (looks like a small teddy and contains catnip), a Kong Kickeroo (a fabric covered stick with a rattle and feathers also containing catnip) and a Hello Kitty Crinkle Cat teaser bow (a fabric bow dangling on string from the end of a stick). There was also a flea comb – essential for all pets, and two food items. Sanal Tasty Stars (40g) are described as poultry flavoured delicious cat snacks while BBQ cheesy chicken (30g) are labelled as a tasty reward.

As our cat is getting on in years she doesn’t often play with toys, but the catnip inside the fabric must have invigorated her as we found she loved batting the softie around the floor or just snuggling up to the kickeroo stick. I was impressed with the quality of the toys, although the stick did end up losing a few feathers. Fudge also enjoyed eating the Tasty Stars but wasn’t a big fan of the cheesy chicken (although this was wolfed down by our dog!)

Overall, I would say this is a good value set if you don’t have time to go out shopping for individual items yourself. This would also suit being given as a gift to someone who has pets and is not local to you. As a nation of animal lovers, I am sure there are lots of people who would love to indulge their pets on a monthly basis. While the items in the box were good value, I’m not sure I will be budgeting this much for ‘treats’ in the future.

Rating: 4/5

For more information or to buy visit purrfect-box.co.uk.

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