Remington Hyperflex XR1330 Shaver Review


Reviewed by Mark Joyce

For almost 30 years I’ve been shaving using a wet razor. On the whole I was always pleased with the closeness of the shave but like many men I’ve struggled with irritated skin and in particular ingrowing whiskers. Two years ago I decided to make the switch to an electric shaver which was a great move leaving my skin in a much better condition. I was much happier although there were a couple of problems, the finish from the electric shaver wasn’t bad but it wasn’t as good as a wet shave, leaving me with 5 o’clock shadow by mid-morning. Also I’ve been left with a number of very thick whiskers on my chin, I presume as a result of the ingrowing hairs. My electric shaver was unable to trim these meaning that I had to have a weekly “top up” wet shave just to tidy things up.

With this shaving history I was keen to test the Remington Hyperflex XR1330 shaver in the hope that I could ditch the wet razor for good.

The shaver has 3 rotary heads which are articulated to run smoothly across your skin. It is supplied with a soft travel case and charger and comes complete with a built in trimmer. Refreshingly the instructions provided are brief and only in English. The shaver must be charged for 24 hours before its first use and will then take four hours to charge in the future. With a full charge the Lithium battery will provide 50 minutes run time – enough for a couple of weeks on holiday meaning you don’t have to pack the charger which is a good thing as the charging lead doesn’t just plug into the shaver, there is a charging stand that must be used too.

I have to give this shaver top marks for shaving, I’m very impressed. The finish is definitely as good as a wet shave and the shaver copes easily with the thick stubble.

The shaver can be used wet or dry although I haven’t noticed any real difference in performance between the two but it is handy being able to use it in the shower. Cleaning is easy, just tap the hair out of the hairpocket and a cleaning brush is also provided to assist with cleaning.

This is a great shaver and it is really handy that the trimmer is integrated into the shaver. One less thing to lose!

The only downsides I can think of are the soft travel case – it doesn’t actually give the shaver any protection when travelling and the charging stand which I feel is just unnecessary, otherwise there isn’t much not to like.

HyperFlex technology
PrecisionUltra cutters
ActiveContour XL heads
Dual Track blades
100% waterproof for wet/dry usage
Lithium powered
4 hours charging time
Up to 50 mins usage time
Charge / recharge indicator lights
ComfortTrim detail trimmer
Universal voltage
Charging stand
Travel pouch
2 years guarantee

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £129.99

Available to buy from Remington here.

4 half Star

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