Revell Control Nano Quad XS Micro Quadrocopter Review


Reviewed by David Savage

After trying some of the Revell Control helicopters I was looking forward to trying out the Nano Quad XS – a micro quadrocopter that measures approx. 4.5cm (width) x 4.5cm (length) x 2.4cm (height) and a weight of 12g.

The small box has a clear window so that you can see the Nano Quad. In the box there is the Nano Quad, a small handheld remote control (requires 2x AAA batteries, not supplied), a USB charging cable (for the Nano Quad), 4 spare rotor blades, a user manual and safety instructions.

On removing the Nano Quad from the box by simply removing the 2 bands that held it in place I connected the USB cable to the Nano Quad and my PC to leave it charge. While it was charging I read through the user manual and safety instructions.

Now the Nano Quad is suitable for age 15 years and above and has a skill level of 4 (out of 5), this is classed as challenging so you will have to have some experience of flying this or a similar type of device.

Once the Nano Quad was charged I was ready to start flying. As it was quite breezy outside I decided to stay indoors. Making sure the remote was switched off, I switched on the Nano Quad and placed it on the flat floor as per the instructions. Then making sure the thrust was in the down position I switched on the remote. My first attempt was a disaster as I didn’t expect it to be quite so fast and by the time I had released the thrust the Nano Quad had already hit the ceiling and came crashing back to the ground. One of the rotors had come off leaving me fearing that I had broken it on its maiden flight. After checking and pushing the rotor back on it as good as new with no damage at all (the rotors are designed to come off easy for if you do need to change them). So far I had proved that the Nano Quad had a very robust and sturdy design as it had already crashed into the ceiling before smashing into the floor.

After several more crashes, although not as bad as my first attempt and still no damage, I managed to keep control of the Nano Quad and managed to take off, fly around and land it across the room.

NanoQuad2Overall, the Nano Quad is very addictive and enjoyable. It does take quite a bit of practice to be able to control it properly so it is definitely best to try inside until you get the hang of it (make sure anything that can get knocked over or broken is out of the way). If you do take it outside make sure you are well away from other people.

The Nano Quad has a range of around 50 metres and for such a small device is very fast so make sure you practice, practice and practice some more with the controls before attempting outside or you will lose it.

Once being able to control this micro quadrocopter it is great fun.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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