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RobotHeadRobot Head Portable Charger
Bionic Battery Box

Reviewed by Meresa Bergin

I was thrilled to be asked to review this cute little guy! He looked awesome and I am forever running out of battery on my phone so this seemed like the perfect answer to not having to carry my phone charger around with me.

It arrived well packaged, although the box did seem big for the small box that contained the charger. I was eager to open it and was greeted with a lollipop which I thought was a nice touch.

The battery was already half charged so I did as instructed and left it to charge, my husband loved the flashing lights and thought it was really neat.

I read the rest of the instructions whilst waiting which seemed straightforward, I did however find the instructions package a little large, it opens like a large newspaper instead of a booklet that I am used to seeing.

After about 3 hours the charger was finished, as I was going out that evening I put robot head, as I liked to call him, in my bag. I had read he was small and light, he is indeed small but I felt he was slightly heavier than I expected, more so then my normal phone charger but he is a lot cuter and easier to use then trying to find a plug socket.

I left him out whilst charging and all my friends commented on him after asking what it was and what a great idea they thought it was, having never seen anything like it before, how cute he was.

Robot Head is very cute and easy to use, I t think students and those looking for something fun and useful will love him.

However I was disappointed that after one full charge the battery was dead and needed to then be charged again for another 6-7 hours, I think maybe it is best used for smaller charges.

Fun, cute and a conversation starter and good in an emergency, however I am not sure I would buy this product and I would more likely stick to carrying my phone one around but if you only need it for small battery charges and you travel a lot this would be ideal for you.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £34.99

Available to buy from Firebox here.

3 Star

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