Rock & Ruddle Hearts Hairbrush Review


Reviewed by Louise Totton

Mornings in my house can be a little fraught – getting the kids (two girls, aged 5 and 8), up, washed, breakfasted and ready for school and everything always seems to take longer than it should. One of the biggest jobs in the mornings is hair. My 8-year-old has incredibly thick, slightly wavy and easily tangled hair that is pretty much bum-length. She goes to school every morning with her hair in braids, so hers can take 20 minutes in total and invariably she’ll complain multiple times that her hair is being pulled or snagged when I reach a tangled bit – and it hurts. We have only ever found one hairbrush that works for her – and it’s old… my guess is about 15 years old and it’s seen better days! But all of the other hairbrushes I have tried either won’t get through her hair or they really snag and hurt.

So I was really keen to try out a really ‘posh’ hairbrush from Rock & Ruddle. I say posh – it’s a £30 hairbrush and I wouldn’t normally pay more than £10 for a hairbrush. We were sent the “Hearts” design, which my 8-year-old instantly fell in love with. They have lots of different designs on their website though – my personal favourite was the Cats and Dogs one, but there really is something for everyone – male or female, young or old.

The brushes are available in two sizes. I got the large (21×6.5cm), which is a great size but would still fit in a handbag too. There is also a small sized available (17.5×4.6cm), which would be great for small kids with shorter hair or for popping in a small handbag. They also come with three bristle types – natural boar bristle, natural boar bristle with nylon tips and a soft, baby bristle for very fine and short toddler hair. We opted for the bristle with nylon tips – the most popular type and the one most suitable for thicker hair.

The brush was packaged really nicely in a Rock & Ruddle box, with the design and bristles clearly visible. Because of the attractive packaging, I thought it would make a great gift. The Hearts design is a white background with lots of funky, bright red cartoon hearts all over it. I’d say this design would be ideal for a pre-teen girl, a teenager or maybe even a slightly quirky Valentines gift.

The brush is a really good weight and the quality of it is instantly recognisable. The bristles are set in a natural rubber bed, which can apparently be removed and washed properly, although I couldn’t find any instructions for this so was reluctant to try. However, the whole brush can be washed in warm soapy water to keep it clean.

But you don’t buy a hairbrush to look at it or to wash it – you buy it t brush hair! And I have to say this hairbrush does a fantastic job of it! I had my daughter’s hair brushed in less than 5 minutes this morning, with no snagging or pulling. The brush really did glide through her hair. I also thought her hair looked shinier for using this brush too – something to do with the boar bristles apparently – but it looked really glossy. She actually commented that she didn’t need to say “ouch” once, and that she wanted to start using this brush in future. We can finally consign the old brush to the bin!

I know this is an expensive product at £30, but it really is great! The quality shines through and the range of patterns, sizes and bristles available mean that you can tailor it to your exact requirements. There are even some brushes on the website that can be personalised with a name! The smaller brushes are a little cheaper at £20 but I have to say that either option would be money well spent. They would make a lovely gift or a treat for yourself and I really can’t fault it.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £20 (Small) / £30 (Large)

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