Romany Jones Second Series Review


Romany Jones
Second Series DVD

Reviewed by David Savage

Starring: James Beck, Arthur Mullard, Jo Rowbottom and Queenie Watts

This DVD is a 1970’s sitcom about 2 layabout couples who live in a caravan park. Bert and Betty Jones are recently married and Wally and Lily Briggs have been married for over 20 years. Betty and Lily both have workshy husbands.

The DVD is made up of six episodes:

One and One Makes Three – Betty thinks she is pregnant but Bert thinks it’s a disaster until his mother-in-law offers money for a deposit for a new house.

The Shower – Wally and Lily are always hogging the onsite shower and using all the hot water which then leaves Bert and Wally having to shower together.

Just The Job – Wally and Bert both get jobs and both end up getting injured.

For Better or Worse – Betty and Lily think their husbands are having affairs so Wally and Bert both end up sharing a bed together and eventually their cars.

Not So Sweet Charity – Bert tries to con a charity into giving him some extra money after finding out Wally and Lily get extra money every week.

Pack Up Your Troubles – Betty wants to emigrate to Australia but Bert is doing everything he can to stop it as he doesn’t want to go.

I found this DVD very enjoyable and worth watching. While a bit outdated it is still funny and I think it would appeal to lovers of British comedy and not just people who remember the series from the 70’s.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy on DVD from 23 January 2012

Buy from Network DVD here.

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