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RubyWaxSaneNewWorldRuby Wax
Sane New World

27 October 2014

Reviewed by Christine McCready

The show was we were told is based on Ruby Wax’s new book “Sane New World” advertised as critically acclaimed and a book which helps us understand why we sabotage our sanity with our own thinking. ‘Sane New World’ supposedly shows us how to rewire our thinking to find calm in a frenetic world and how to become the master, not the slave, of our own minds. This show was billed as your passport to saner living. Stating that Ruby may not be sane herself but she does a pretty good imitation.

Well the first half of the show was great. I was totally relating to quite a few stories that she told about how we stress ourselves out with modern-day living and the stresses that we really inflict on ourselves. The scene was set in quite a small intimate theatre and she was totally conversing with the audience. The audience did feel like she was talking directly to them even as she sipped her cup of tea.

The story she told about how we rush around as if our lives depended on it causing perhaps traffic chaos for something as trivial as a nail appointment, all very funny and pointing out our own modern day issues. Also pointing out that these stresses and the stresses that we take on board from the lives around us are in fact impacting our lives and our wellbeing. In some cases making us ill or neurotic or a bit of both.

Then the second half came! If the lights had still been dimmed we would have left before the end. This become like an open therapy session. People speaking about their mental health issues, addiction issues and how they feel like the current government is not spending enough money on mental health or making this as important as cancer.

Strange conversations regarding depression and mental health issues from other members of the audience who had the microphone and a chance to speak out. How some people felt that Ruby’s new book and way of thinking could possibly help offenders and aggressive husbands made me feel somewhat uncomfortable and out of place.

Shame really if she had carried on with the little funny stories that we can all relate to the show would have been ranked as great but the final half left me feeling uncomfortable and really in the wrong place.

Rating: 3/5

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3 Star

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