Saint Petersburg Classic Ballet presents Giselle Review


GiselleSaint Petersburg Classic Ballet presents Giselle
Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury

30 November 2015

Reviewed by Sarah Bryan

A story of love and tragedy, Giselle was beautifully choreographed and wonderfully portrayed at the stylish yet classic Aylesbury Waterside Theatre.

We arrived early for the production; allowing extra time to find a parking space but thanks to the temporary additional Waterside car park situated further along Exchange Street which holds an extra 100 spaces, parking was plentiful! Parking fees have changed and charges now apply up to 9pm so ensure you have plenty of money handy.

The theatre looked very appealing, it was artistically lit, its large whale like structure inviting and warm. Staff greeted us at the door in a genuinely helpful and positive manner. Whether it was ordering refreshments or enquiring about the hearing loop, all our questions were met with a polite response. The atmosphere inside the venue was good, there were enough tables and chairs, all clean and tidy and the décor was bright and tasteful. Inside the auditorium the combination of wood and luxurious fabrics and colours gave a warm cosy feel.

The production of Giselle began on time and gripped the audience immediately. The lead characters; Giselle and her two love rivals were flawless in their energy, grace and passion. The entire cast brought colour to the show and the movements of their bodies was so diverse adding to the emotions of the scene, from flamboyant fast leaps to subtle yet precisely time slow limb arrangements, my eyes darted the span of the stage, constantly entertained.

The scene was set during the first half, without a word and described to us purely through music and dance, you could almost feel the emotional roller-coaster from the first bright, light flushes of new love to the absolute dark depths of despair of love lost and then the fury of fiery jealousy. The costumes were amazing and added to the portrayal of the characters; the dark flame haired “baddie” incredibly light on his feet, the “white prince” so strong and with a real stage presence and the graceful Giselle with such a vast array of movement and poise. The supporting cast were so synchronised and flawless in ability.

The interval was well times and it was a delight to have our pre-ordered refreshments ready and waiting for us in the foyer area.

The second half of the show stepped up a gear in energy and built up to a dramatic crescendo keeping the audience engaged throughout. The female dancers dressed in beautiful flowing white costumes, the picture really was stunning.

I was very pleased with the overall experience of the evening, my only reservation being the loud interruption mid performance by a rather loud staff radio which drew the attention of the theatre goers nearby and distracted from the ballet. This was immediately rectified and didn’t happen again.

I would definitely return to Aylesbury Waterside theatre; what a delightful bright venue and a wonderful show to see!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, Exchange Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP20 1UG


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