Sarah Horne Wild Fig and Grape Candle Review


SarahHorneCandleWild Fig & Grape Candle
100% Organic

Reviewed by Zoey Caudwell

A beautifully packaged parcel arrived at my door. A see through drawstring white bag, inside a white box and match packet, with matching Sarah Horne logos.

I love the simplicity with its beautifully pretty logo. When I opened the box, the candle itself sits in a glass with the logo. It smelt amazing and I could not wait to light it.

I used the provided matches for the initial lighting, this wasn’t as smooth as I hoped, the matches are thin card and it took several strikes to get it lit. Having said this, I have been housebound a few days this week and the candle has been burning constantly, I LOVE it, and when I have left the house and come back in, it smells gorgeous.

This elegant candle will make a perfect gift especially with Valentine’s Day coming up, it is classically tasteful, has a beautiful aroma and it gets a 5/5 from me!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Price: £8.75 (9cl Candle or Travel Candle) to £19.75 (20cl Candle)

Available to buy from Sarah Horne here.


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