Scholl Cool Heat Massage Booster Review


Scholl Cool Heat Massage Booster

Model no: DRMA7433UKE

Reviewed by David Savage

This great compact hand held massage comes with several attachments in the box and is very easy to use. It has 6 functions on this mini massager so great for every situation whether it is being used for relaxation, energy or just a simple massage.  

It has a cold node, which you put in the freezer, and an infra-red feature for heat massage. The heads are very easy to change by twisting off and attaching the new one.

Supplied in the box are:
Green and White Compact Massager with infra-red heat
Cold Node
Roller Node
Massage Node
Detachable Handle

The infra-red function delivers heat right into the muscles while the cold node (straight from the freezer can re-energise your tired muscles. The roller and massage nodes are great for relieving muscle tension.

I found this very simple to use and due to its size simple very easy and comfortable to hold. My favourite attachment is the roller node with the infra-red function turned on as they was great for my neck pain, but all the other functions are very useful. It takes 3 AAA batteries to operate but even with batteries installed was not very heavy. The instructions are clear and easy to understand, but as they cover a lot of languages a bit too bit.

At around £15 it is very good value for money and I would recommend this to ease away aches and pains after a hard day.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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