School for Stars Series by Holly Willoughby Review


SchoolForStarsTrilogySchool for Stars
by Holly & Kelly Willoughby

Reviewed by Niamh Curson (age 9)

This review is about the first 3 books of the ‘School for Stars’ written by television personality Holly Willoughby and her sister Kelly Willoughby, it centres on a pair of twins called Maria and Molly who have just started at L’Etoile, an exclusive stage school that only excepts 20 pupils each year and is considered the best performing arts school in the world for producing superstars.

In book one, First Term at L’Etoile, our two Heroines and their new friend Pippa fall foul of the school bully Lucinda aka Lucifette Marciano. Lucinda recognises Pippa’s talents and befriends her purely for selfish reasons, she wants to sing Pippa’s song at the Christmas gala. Lucinda sets up an audition for Pippa to attend on the day of the gala so she is out of the way, leaving Lucinda to take the credit for Pippa’s work. However, just in time, an unlikely character tells all. Will Pippa make it back to the gala on time? Will Lucifette show her true colours?

In book two, Second Term at L’Etoile, Maria, Molly and Pippa enjoy having a new roomate, Sally. We meet some new characters in book two. Mr Hart, the caretaker, gives the girls a book, which has been passed down through many generations. It holds a very special secret which means the girls get up to more fun and adventures, and make more new friends including a puppy called Twinkle.

In the third instalment, Third Term at L’Etoile, the third term arrives bringing with it a new roommate for Lucinda, Lavinia Wright. Having heard the tales about Maria and Molly and their friends, Lavinia happily offers to frame Maria to get her expelled from L’Etoile, knowing full well that Molly would go with her sister.  Lavinia and Lucinda’s plan, once again, doesn’t quite go as expected.

There is a fourth book, Summer Holiday Mystery, which I am really looking forward to reading. I would read these books again and would recommend them to my friends.

I really enjoyed these books. My favourite part was when things don’t work out the way Lavinia and Lucinda planned. My favourite character is Pippa because she is a really good friend to Molly and Maria.

I give all 3 books 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

The Schools for Stars by Holly & Kelly Willoughby can be bought from Orion Books here.


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