SensiChic Green Tea and Fig Scented Candle Review


SensiChicGreenTeaFigSensiChic Candle
Green Tea and Fig

Reviewed by Lynn Miles

Delivery of my SensiChic candle was very quick. The external packaging was damaged by Royal Mail however the internal packaging was undamaged and the candle was well wrapped within the box so did not receive any damage.

The candle was presented within a silver coloured metal tin with attractive label. The label gave the fragrance detail of the candle, in this instance “Green Tea and Fig” from the Fashion Fiend Eclectic Collection. Also information on how and where the candle has been produced and the ingredients of the candle (Soy Wax as opposed to Paraffin Wax) together with information for Twitter, Facebook, E-mail and Website for the manufacturer. The underside of the tin contained safety advice for burning the candle.

The candle has a pleasant but subtle fragrance which was not immediately noticeable. Once it had been burning for a while the fragrance became more evident, although still subtle. I like the fragrance to fill the room without being overbearing.  It was more noticeable if you left the room and re-entered.

The cost for this particular candle was £13. Personally I feel that this is slightly too expensive for this particular candle as I do not feel the fragrance was evident enough. However, I appreciate that the candles are all handmade in batches of 10 with 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients that are free from pesticides and herbicides with lead-free cotton wicks and this is reflected in the price.

The burn time for this candle is 35 hours and the natural ingredients used give a much cleaner burn.

SensiChic offer a range of other scented candles ranging in price from £13 to £28.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £13 (200g /7oz candle)

Available to buy from SensiChic here.

3 Star

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