Shazia Mirza Cuckooland Tour Review


Shazia Mirza
Cuckooland Tour
The Studio, Bradford

Reviewed by Pamela Wright

Shazia Mirza is currently on her Cuckooland Tour around the UK until 8 June and we were lucky enough to see the show at The Studio, Alhambra Theatre in Bradford.

I have seen clips of Shazia Mirza on television before and found her to be comical and witty. Although her stand up show was quite funny and had the audience in hysterics it seemed to be aimed more towards an Asian audience and it poked fun about their cultural stereotypical ways and their family expectations throughout life.

She used members of the audience throughout the show and involved them/poked fun at them which added more comedy.  She also used lots of her personal experiences and had lots of quick witted one liners that had us crying with laughter, there were a few jokes that were quite personal and aimed towards certain ethnic cultures that I thought “OH MY GOD did she really just joke about that” this initially made me and my friend feel a bit uncomfortable but when we realised that nobody was offended and the people in the audience on the receiving end of the jokes were in hysterics then we felt a bit more relaxed.

A good comedy show to watch for those who are not easily offended.

Rating: 3.5/5

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