Singin In The Rain Review


Singin’ In The Rain
Palace Theatre, London

Reviewed by Dorothy White

What a wonderful show, I can thoroughly recommend it!  Fantastic!

I had no idea what Singin’ in the Rain was about. I had of course seen film clips of Gene Kelly in his famous Singin’ in the Rain routine many times and looked forward to seeing the stage version.

There was no curtain, just an open stage with steps from the stalls, we had centre aisle seats towards the front so members of the cast walked past us on their way to the stage.  I recognised Robert Powell of Holby City fame who played R F Simpson, but not Sandra Dickinson who was also in the cast.

My nine year old granddaughter was mesmerised! Katherine Kingsley was fabulous, her shrieks really cut through me, Meg confided in her mother that she didn’t think she always spoke like that! I am so pleased! Her portrayal of Lina Lamont was exceptional, I was surprised she didn’t get booed during the curtain calls!

The dancing was wonderful, Adam Cooper as Don Lockwood and Scarlett Strallen as Kathy Selden were excellent as were the rest of the dancers, it can’t have been easy to work on that stage with the step, but there was never a foot out of place.  I loved all the routines, especially the tap, but I also liked the Broadway Ballet.

The scenery was simple, the scene changes very slick with the minimum of props, the switch from film to stage was cleverly done.

I knew the songs ‘All I do is Dream of You’, ‘Make ‘em Laugh’, ‘Moses’, ‘Good Morning’ etc, but had not realised they were from Singin’ in the Rain. 

Just before the interval there was the dance number we had all been waiting for, Singin’ in the Rain, it was fabulous, marvellous, I don’t know how else to describe it. A torrential downpour on a London Stage! Shrieks from the audience as water was cleverly kicked from the stage during a fantastic routine.  Meg was so disappointed she didn’t get wet.

The second half was even better than the first if that was at all possible. 

The curtain call, then the downpour started again, the whole cast on stage singing and dancing in the rain, the audience at the front getting soaked again. We left to the sight of all the umbrellas being put up on stage to dry.

Meg tapped all the way to the underground and was still dancing on the platform as we waited for our train home.  ‘I loved it!’ she said when I asked her what she thought, ‘But next time I want to sit at the front’!

A truly wonderful evening!

Rating: 5/5

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