Sleeping Beauty at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley Review


SleepingBeautySleeping Beauty
Churchill Theatre, Bromley

28 November 2014 to 4 January 2015

Reviewed by Samantha Elbourn

We are a family of 4; Mum, Dad, little girl (4½ years) and little boy (2½ years), and were greeted in reception by very friendly staff and pointed to where we could collect our tickets. Once seated the children were excited by the atmosphere, and when the panto started they were both up on their feet clapping. Our seats were slightly too far away for the sweets (boo!) but also the super soakers (yay!).

The first act started promisingly with recent catchy songs (Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”) and dance routines. However, towards the middle we found it began to fall a bit flat, possibly not helped script wise with dated references from “The Weakest Link” and so neither the children nor the adults were that engaged, with the actors seeming to go through the motions of a formulaic panto.

However, the second half was a complete turnaround with much fresher material, and really grabbing the attention of both the children and us parents. We were particularly impressed with the character Carabosse fantastic piece of entertainment that we all thoroughly enjoyed.scary character, the children couldn’ents. We were particularl and even though she was a scary character, the children couldn’t take their eyes off her. The Dame was ok, but when “she” sat at the keyboard (labelled Yamaha ha!) you really discovered “her” talent, exploding into action with many popular rock and roll medleys that had the audience enraptured. Watch out for the mirror scene (my husband’s favourite part), which was superbly choreographed with great humour and slapstick.

If I were the director I’d consider revamping a few scenes in the first half to bring it up to date. Silly Billy (Jamie Rickers) was not helped by a croaky throat on the night but was very good with the children in the end, and had decent on set chemistry with Nurse Nelly (Bobby Crush). Worth a watch, not outstanding but could get good on the run in to Christmas.

Rating: 4/5

Tickets cost from £15.90 to £34.90 (plus £2.85 transaction fee).

Sleeping Beauty is at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley until 4 January 2015. For more information or to book tickets click here or call the box office on 08448 717 620.

Churchill Theatre, High Street, Bromley, BR1 1HA | 08448 717 620

4 Star

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