Some Guys Have All The Luck at The Hawth Crawley Review

14 June 2017


Reviewed by Louise Watts

Me and a friend attended The Hawth theatre in Crawley yesterday evening (14 June 2017) to see Some Guys Have All The Luck: The Rod Stewart Story. Within seconds of the show commencing, we were taken back in time.

Some Guys Have All The Luck tells the story of Sir Rod Stewart and his amazing career from the 60’s when he was awaiting his breakthrough to him receiving his knighthood in 2016. Paul Metcalfe had the difficult role of making us believe we were listening to the real Rod.

The minute the show started and I heard Paul’s voice, I knew this was going to be a good evening. His voice had the rugged Rod sound and his singing was unfaultable. He not only sounded the part but looked the part also.

The first half focused on Rod’s early years including his time with “The Faces” through to the 1970’s when he had a hit with a song everybody said was no good… it went on to become one of his biggest selling hits and claimed top spot in America and the UK. The song was “Maggie May”. Many of his other great hits were also sung including Handbags and Gladrags, Some Guys Have All The Luck and Stay with Me.

Paul was supported on stage by four incredible musicians playing keyboards, drums, bass and guitar. They were all absolutely brilliant and deserve a huge amount of credit for making the show what it is today. It was particularly lovely to hear Paul perform with the acoustic guitar at times which makes the quality of his voice even more obvious for all to hear.

The first half was about an hour long and was followed by a 20-minute interval. The second half of the show was more focused on what I would call Rod’s biggest hits and certainly created a party feel. People were clapping, singing and dancing to this wonderful Rod tribute.

Some of Paul’s outfits were spectacular. My personal favourites had to be the red tartan suit and the leopard print jacket. There is something very fitting listening to Rod’s brilliant hit “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” being sung whilst wearing a leopard print jacket! Although my friend was quick to point out when Paul wore the tartan suit that she thought Rod’s trousers were significantly tighter than Paul’s!

During the second half, we were treated to songs including Sailing, Tonight’s the Night and Maggie May as well as many others. The stage was simple yet perfect and the lights were used perfectly to set the ambience. Paul performed as Rod does throwing his microphone around and being very energetic.

What I particularly enjoyed about the show was the way it told the story of Rod’s career and life as well as it being a tribute to his music. I certainly learned a lot about Rod’s life that I did not know before yesterday evening. The backdrop had a slideshow of pictures from Rod’s life and this put the story in context perfectly.

It was lovely to see the theatre packed out with people who wanted to come and enjoy Rod’s music, and enjoy they did! The evening was absolutely delightful and at times Paul was more Rod like than Rod himself!

I would not hesitate to recommend Some Guys Have All The Luck to any Rod Stewart fan and I promise you will not be disappointed.

The Hawth itself was delightful as usual. Ample free parking on site and lovely refreshment facilities available during the evening. The staff are always pleasant and happy to assist in any way they can.

Rating: 5/5

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