Something To Keep You Happy At Christmas Tin Review


ChristmasTinSomething To Keep You Happy At Christmas Tin

Reviewed by Andy Packer

This will do exactly as it says on the tin! ‘Something to keep you happy when the grown-ups are being really boring at the Christmas dinner table’.

Firstly this is really nicely presented in a sturdy tin decorated with a child’s design that will appeal to anyone in the 5-10 years age range. When you open the tin it is brimming with goodies! There are colouring pencils, snap cards and two packs of activity cards with 20 plus different games, challenges and activities. All the activity cards are nicely designed and Christmas themed.

My children’s favourite activity card was ‘adult bingo’ where the children had to listen to the conversation and tick off different words as the adults said them in conversation… it took some time but there was a huge BINGO! as I disclosed ‘I’m so full!’


All the games are designed to keep the children engaged around the dinner table, something it does really well – something for Christmas that doesn’t need batteries.

The Christmas tin, in my opinion, is a little expensive at £14.99 but it will stop the children from constantly pulling at your arm and telling you their bored. An ideal distraction to tuck into your bag when visiting grandma and grampy!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £14.99

Available to buy from 2 Little Boys here.

4 Star

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