Sophie la Giraffe Christmas Gift Set Review


SophielaGiraffeChristmasSophie la Giraffe Christmas Gift Set

Reviewed by Emma Bradley

This gift set is presented in a transparent box decorative presentation box making it an ideal Christmas gift for a young baby. The box contains two large baubles which are clear each containing a mini Sophie la giraffe and polystyrene balls resembling snow. I felt these were a nice enough quality that they could hang on most Christmas trees, whilst they were relatively large in size they were simple enough that they were not overbearing. My toddler in particular was very intrigued by them and wanted to keep seeing the ‘giraffes in the snow’.

The gift set also contains one of the famous ‘ Sophie la Giraffe’ a giraffe that is made from the sap of the Hevea tree which is 100% natural rubber making a safe and natural teething toy. This is an iconic toy and many generations will remember having a Sophie la Giraffe, each one is handpainted so is slightly unique.

I was very impressed with Sophie who proved to be a big hit with my teething nephew, who gummed away at her head and legs. Due to the shape of the giraffe she is easily held with the rubber texture adding extra grip. She also makes a squeak when squeezed guaranteed to get a smile! As a parent I appreciated that the giraffe is easy to clean and seems to have stood up well chewing and throwing about.

I think with the added baubles this makes a lovely gift set for a baby’s first Christmas as well as being a practical present in the form of the teether that comes with it. The product is good quality and I would be happy to recommend it to any of my friends and family who are looking for a baby gift.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £29.95

Sophie la Giraffe is available to buy from


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